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KG Pro is a complete kindergarten programme designed and devised by Intellisis Resources Pvt. Ltd. The company incorporated in 2005 envisages a system of school education which promotes the development of multiskilled, confident, independent and articulate children who love to learn.
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Adding New Dimensions: Learning is a lifelong process and a true educator never ceases to learn.

Orientation Programme: An orientation programme is organized every year at the beginning of the session to apprise the parents of the various aspects of teaching followed in the school

100th Day Celebration: The 100th day is very significant as it marks approximately half way point of the school year.

Parent as Partner: Parental involvement is a key element in child's success.

Sports Day: It was the D-day where children geared themselves to show their disciplined as well as energetic skills.

Field Trip: The tiny-tots were very excited and had a lovely time on their first ever field trip.

Competitions: Taking part in the competitions gives good exposure to kids.

Celebrations: Festivals & celebrations are important to all of us, marking special times in our lives and the year.

Songs & Rhymes Day: It is the most appreciated and applauded event of kindergarten.