Salient Features

  • The KG Pro is designed to cater to three age groups in a cohesive manner:-

    Level 1 : 2.5 - 3.5 Years
    Level 2 : 3.5 - 4.5 Years
    Level 3 : 4.5 - 5.5 / 6.0 Years

  • The syllabus is structured to cater for 150 working days of School. A few additional days have been provided for unforeseen holidays, events and for providing cushion. As the children move from one level to another, there is an enhancement in various skills in all the six targeted developmental areas.

  • The R&D team at Intellisis has designed a total of 20 theme based workbooks at each Level for its KG Pro Learning System. The curriculum is divided in to 10 different themes, each theme comprising two books, Learn at Home and Learn at School (one for Class & one for Home).

    Home books are designed to reinforce the classroom learning. Apart from these basic 20 Books, every level has additional books to enhance further learning.

  • In a typical day at school a child will carry two books (one for Class & one for Home) and a school diary. After every 15 working days, set of books is replaced by next set of books, thereby covering ten themes in 150 working days.

  • Every theme has a teaching manual which guides the teacher in a comprehensive manner. It includes details of activities, physical objects required for teaching, tools for imparting skill and knowledge through a feedback mechanism.

  • A team of experts from Intellisis will train school teachers to use the books and teaching manuals in every detail. This team will also make them aware of every aspect of the programme and will familiarise them with core aspects of the modules and the methodologies which they will follow for optimum results.

  • Apart from training teachers the Intellisis team will supervise closely the implementation of the KG Pro Learning System. There will be routine and surprise checks to verify whether the teachers are following the programme as per schedule and to provide necessary remedial actions / suggestions in case deviations take place.